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Applying the Freestyle Libre 3 (Video)


The Freestyle Libre 3 is out in the United States and I am now wearing my second one. There are so many things I love about the Freestyle Libre 3. The biggest upgrades are:

  1. It's a lot smaller. Abbott states that the Libre 3 is more than 70% smaller than the Freestyle Libre 2.

  2. You no longer have to scan! Yes, you read that correctly. The Freestyle Libre 3 has a new app for the smart phone where it tells you what your blood glucose reading is WITHOUT having to scan!

  3. Less waste! Abbott's statement about their Libre 3 packaging: "It uses 41% less plastic and 43% less carton paper,10 demonstrating the company's continued commitment to sustainability."

To read more about Abbott's Freestyle Libre 3 visit their article covering all the information by clicking here.

*As of August 2022, the Freestyle Libre 3 is available in the United States through Durable Medical Equipment (DME). If you are not familiar with DME, call the number for your insurance and ask for your DME information. Please note pharmacy benefits and DME benefits can be different, ask you provider for more information. I hear the Freestyle Libre 3 may be in pharmacies in the early fall of 2022.


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