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Insulin is Expensive, Here's Help

Being Proactive Can Save You Money

If you have insurance: contact your prescription benefit insurance provider ASAP and find out what is preferred on your healthcare plan. If you are already on insulin and switching to a new plan where your current insulin is not covered, ask if it needs a prior authorization to be approved. You can also find out what your co-pay cost is before you get to the pharmacy. You can do this before you doctor's appointment!

Call you insurance provider before your next doctor's appointment to find out:

  • What insulin is covered on your plan?

  • What your co-pay will be?

  • If there is a mail order option that will save you money?

  • Is there a pharmacy they prefer, as this can often save you money?

  • What is your maximum out of pocket for prescription insurance?

Mail Order Can Save You Money

Ask your pharmacy benefit about mail order. Often this is a much lower co-pay for 90 days or can even be one co-pay for three months worth of insulin. Often, you can do this at your pharmacy. CVS is one of the pharmacies that offers this benefit to many pharmacy benefit services. Call your pharmacy benefit number to find out the details of your plan and they can help get your started.

Before going to your doctor, PRINT OFF what insulin is covered under your plan. Just go online to your plans website. Call them if you need help finding it!

While many doctors know many healthcare plans, they are constantly changing. Be your own best advocate and find out what is covered. Your doctor can help you decide if you should get a different insulin that is not covered by your insurance.

Cash Patients has extended their program and you may still be able to get insurance even if you missed the deadline. Lost your job or had a change in income? They offer several reasons to be able to get insurance ASAP.

Free Clinics Search:

Call physicians offices in your area and ask if they have a sliding scale based on income.

Links To Discount Programs:

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Cash Paying Patients:

Walmart to offer lower cost insulin:

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