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I just got the new Freestyle Libre 3 and I cried! (Video)

The new Freestyle Libre 3 is out in the USA and is amazing! I cried when I applied the new Freestyle Libre 3 I was so excited! The two biggest updates are:

* Not having to scan your sensor for your readings! This is a game changer. Your readings just show on the Freestyle Libre 3 phone app.

*The size. The Freestyle Libre 3 is so much smaller than the 2! What do you think?


Have you checked out my blog post and video on how I take my Freestyle Libre to the pool/beach? Check it out here!

Insulin can become ineffective if it gets too hot! I make sure I keep mine at the right temperature. The Vivi Cap makes it super easy to keep my insulin within the temperature range. Get yours here!


*I do receive a small commission from site links when someone makes a purchase. Please note, I only refer great products that benefit people with diabetes.

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