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How To Put on A Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Cover (Video)

🩸 How to put on a Freestyle Libre CGM sensor cover 🩸 (Video and Sensor Covers Link Below)

There’s more than one way apply a CGM sensor cover, but here is how I apply it myself. If you are having trouble with it, ask someone to help you. Getting the hang of it takes a bit of practice and then it gets easier. I wear a Freestyle Libre 2 sensor cover when I’m going into a pool, river, lake, ocean or any body of water 💦 longer than 30 minutes. But, when you put on a sensor cover be prepared to wear it until you change sensors. CGM Covers stay ON!!! I tried taking one off and it took my sensor with it.

Here are a few tips to keeping a CGM Cover on:

💙 Make sure your skin is dry before applying.

💙 Wash and dry your hands thoroughly as these covers will stick to everything.

💙 Pack one with you when you are traveling in case you get in the water.

💙 Don’t take off all the sticker tabs before applying. Keep one still on and peel it off once you have it applied to your body part.



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