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My Favorite Medical Alert's & Badges

I have learned that as being a Type 1 Diabetic, that is insulin dependent, I need medical alerts on me. These are a few of my favorites medical alert's and accompanying badges.. Please feel free to send in your favorites. I am always looking for great finds!

Can you spot my medical ID bracelet in the photo below?

This was my very first medical alert that I ever wore and it's great. It feels and looks like jewelry, but is a medical alert bracelet. I love that you can engrave it the way you would like.

Seat Belt Cover with pocket for medical information and emergency contacts. After an EMT recommended one of these, in addition to a medical alert, I got one asap! They are available in adult and for children/infant seats.

These come in a two pack and are perfect to put on everything from keys to backpacks. I put one on my keychain as it's always with me. They are just the right size and very clear to read.

These are a different variation to the bracelet above. You have the ability to engrave it with your personal info as well.

Traveling with diabetes, means packing and then making sure you have packed all your supplies. These are wonderful medical alert tags for your medical equipment. These are perfect to go through TSA at the airport so it's known which bags are your medical bags.

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