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How To Apply A Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor (Video)

Putting on my Freestyle Libre 2 has been a breeze! It took me a couple of months to really get the hang of it, and now I have even changed it in the car. Not once, but twice! The first couple of months I had my husband help me. Quite frankly, I was a bit nervous about it. But, now I've use the Freestyle Libre 2 since 2021 and I have got the process down. I really had no reason to be nervous. So, here's a video of how to put it on and a couple of tips included!

*The first couple of months I also used a sensor cover as I kept knocking it on walls and doors. The good news is that if you knock one off, Freestyle will generally send you a replacement. Need sensor covers? Click here!



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